Best Online Casino Ratings

Best Online Casino Ratings
You have probably often come across a dishonest rating of online casinos in your opinion. Indeed, in the face of fierce competition, many online casino review sites resort to dishonest evaluations. Today’s article is designed to understand this issue and determine what you can trust in the best online casino ratings, and what you can’t. Unfortunately, not all owners of gambling sites worry about the comfort of players. Very often on their sites you can find bad online establishments set in TOP ratings.

Best Online Casino Rating Reviews

Best Online Casino RatingsIf you are a player, then you should definitely look at the reviews of real players about online casinos. We often encounter a situation where the casino has a good rating on the site with reviews, but the feedback from the players is negative. This primarily indicates that the rating is incorrect. We do not recommend trusting such resources. The owners of such sites do not listen to the players. They may also not respond to complaints from players, if any.

Reviews of real players playing in a particular online casino are a fundamental factor in choosing a casino. Do not forget that reviews can be fake. However, in 90% of cases, only positive reviews can be fake. Thus, the online casino praises itself. For one or another online casino, it makes no sense to write underestimates for any competitor. In this case, they would have to speak out negatively about all casinos.

Negative reviews should attract much more attention. The chance that this review is unfair is minimal. Negative feedback will always be written by a truly dissatisfied customer. However, in this case, reviews may be unfounded. Let me give you a small example. The player complains of constant losses in one of the casino brands. This cannot be considered a negative review. An experienced player understands that luck and chance of winning does not depend on the brand. These parameters are determined exclusively on the servers of game providers.

Technical Parameters of Online Casino

Unlike real player reviews, technical parameters can be trusted. Usually all sites try to convey this information most accurately. There is no point in cheating. But this does not mean that you should be inattentive to this parameter. If the information does not correspond to reality, then you may also encounter problems in a future game. For example, if the review indicates incorrect methods of withdrawing money from online casinos, then you will only know about this during the withdrawal. This will create certain difficulties.

In general, there is a whole list of technical parameters of online casinos:

  • casino name
  • game providers
  • site languages
  • game currency
  • account replenishment methods
  • withdrawal methods
  • accepted and banned countries and more.

This is not a complete list. High competition in gambling is forcing website owners with online casino reviews to do more detailed and detailed analytics of such parameters. In fact, it seems to us that these parameters are not very important. Of course, such information helps players, but does not bring much benefit.

Casino Site Opinion

The opinion of the site with reviews of various online casinos should not greatly affect the choice of a player. This is due to the fact that the authors of these reviews in most cases are not players. They may not know all the important aspects of a good online casino. Moreover, the texts are written in such a way as if they knew absolutely all the information about the quality of the casino. Moreover, this opinion is often associated with a personal agreement with the managers of this casino.

How does this happen?

The manager of a particular casino gets in touch with the site manager with reviews of various casinos. After this, negotiations take place on how to build mutually beneficial cooperation. The site with the reviews should get the maximum possible profit from the affiliate program, and the site of the casino brand with the maximum number of first deposits. Both sides often neglect the interests of the players. And this is already a dishonest business. After all, the player is a client and he should be in the first place.

Who can be trusted?

Of the huge number of different sites, we recommend that you exclude a large number. It is best to entrust the choice of online casinos to those sites that give all players the opportunity to speak out. This is especially true for negative reviews. The more negative reviews, the more truthful information you will receive. We recommend using AskGamblers, ThePOGG, CasinoMeister and Latest Casino Bonuses (LCB) of modern sites with the ability to leave your review.