Break Da Bank Again

Break Da Bank Again Slot Review

“Break da Bank Again is the online slot that every repeat offender has been waiting for. (Safe)Crack on!”

So, breaking the bank once was not enough, eh?  You’ve whittled your way through your stolen millions and now it’s time to get a crew together and gear up for round two. Well, rock on: Microgaming is inviting you to Break da Bank Again!

Why they use ‘da’ instead of ‘the’ is a mystery. Maybe the game’s creative team is trying to give the game a strong whiff of organised crime. Perhaps, you are assuming the role of a Mafiosi bank robber when you take-a this-a game-a for a spin-a. Whatever the creative emission that birthed ‘da’, Break Da Bank Again is definitely an offer you can’t refuse.

The game’s imagery features the kind of objects you are likely to find in a bank vault: sapphires, coins, stacks of cash, and bullion. The sound is generic casino floor but works beautifully. Gameplay is smooth and intuitive – exactly as you would expect from online gaming software developers Microgaming.

Tidy Pile Vault

The generic top jackpot is yours if you manage to line up five sapphires. The big money really kicks in when you hit the games wild symbol – the Break Da Bank logo. If you secure a win with this logo substituting, you earn five times the winning combination. It’s a wickedly wild reel.

Get the wild symbol on a win line during the free spin round and you really cash in with a massive twenty five times the win line combination. This is how a relatively modest 1500 coin jackpot can get elevated to big, big money.

OK… Let’s move on to that magical vault and the little man that lurks within (you’ll see what I mean when you play the game). Get three of more bank vault symbols and you trigger the free spins round. You get 15 spins for three bank vaults, 20 spins for four, and twenty-five spins for five.

During the free spins round, all wins are multiplied by five times and every time you rehit the bank vault scatter symbol, you get another free spins.  Basically, if you are lucky enough to line up this game’s scatter symbols, you are in the money.

In Conclusion

Break da Bank Again is a return fixture for one of the most popular online and offline slots of all time. It doesn’t seem to payout that often but – when it does – it is very rewarding. Get the bonus round with the quintuple multiplier and you’ll be sneaking up the road with your bags of cash.

Betty Says…

“It’s not the most exciting game in the world but it’s a good payer and clearly a great many people love it. The original was one of the first online slots and the sequel is following in its footsteps.

It’s all good fun and I ended up quids in after playing it for about 30 minutes. Go grab your oxyacetylene torch and get ready for a bit of daylight robbery!”