Frankenstein Slot


If you like your online slots with a gothic twist, an abnormal brain, and a chunky bolt in the neck – look no further.  Once again precocious online gaming software developers Net Entertainment have hit the mark with their undead creation Frankenstein. Truly, they have created beauty from the beast.

Everyone knows the tale of Dr Frankenstein and his monster cobbled together from the cadaver of a hanged man and a misplaced brain. The Net Ent slot harkens back to the golden era of horror films. The music is atmospheric and fun, the graphics and comic book gothic and the whole experience is a coffin-load of fun.


At first appearance, the this particular online slot is a relatively straightforward game. However, the Linked Wilds – symbolised by either a lightning or a fire symbol really kick the game into life. When you land these symbols, adjacent reels are turned ‘wild’. This can really set up some big wins.

The game also features a Scatter symbol. This time it’s the windmill. Line up three or more of these and you initiate the Free Spin round.


During the Free Spin round, the multiplier activates – delivering up to five times the payline. This is where you can really pocket a fat online slot win. As you increase the multiplier, so the graphics on the screen develop. With each multiplier, flames appear around the frame of the game. It all adds to the excitement. Extra windmills within the free spin feature, means more and more free spins.

The game opens with an animated graphic. There is also a cut away when the Free Spin bonus round kicks in. Visuals and audio are the key to making this game a lot of fun to play. Although it lacks a massive jackpot, the win ratio is generous and keeps you spinning

In Conclusion

Frankenstein online slot is yet another feather in the cap of online gaming’s freshest talent – Net Entertainment. These developers really understand how to take advantage of the online medium and create games that are so much more than replicas of their real world cousins.  You don’t need to wait for a lightning storm to wake this game from the dead. Give it a spin!

Frank Says…

“It’s big, it’s stiff, and it’s got a bolt through it… No, we’re not talking about my Prince Albert but the Frankenstein online slot. I think it’s bleedin’ marvellous and would happily join the other villagers and chase it to the top of the hill where we could burn it alive and dance in its ashes. Top slot. Recommended. Don’t throw the little girl in the lake.”