G Casino

G Casino

G Casino is currently one of the fastest growing casino companies around. Born from the Blue Square betting brand, G Casino has been tabbed as the ultimate online gaming experience with a number of games available through their increasingly popular site. Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat can be enjoyed with Live Dealers featuring throughout, whom you can even have a natter with. These are just a handful of games available through the outlet where Poker and games also features heavily. The company run a string of real casinos in towns and cities across the UK and Ireland too, just to give you an idea of their credentials.

G Casino

On entering the sites home page it is clear that there is a lot on offer. In the centre of the page we have the sign up bonus which can reach £150 dependant upon initial opening of an account. We then have another section that has the ‘Number 1’ games to begin with but by clicking on the tabs below it, you can access a range of other site headliners. These include the ‘Top 3 Games’, ‘New Games’ and ‘G Favourites’ to name a few. At the top of the page is some quick links to games of particular genres that might interest you.

If you select the main Casino area of the site the sites games are initially divided into New Games and Casino Games. One of the plus points about this area of the site is the act that you can play each game for free before you play for money. This is particularly good if you are new to the casino scene and you want to learn how to play before actually doing so properly. We have all the usual suspects in terms of casino related games here with Blackjack and Roulette standing out. There are also a few twists on traditional games as well though. One example is Texas Hold ‘Em Shootout which is a game based on the traditional Poker game but it only involves three competitors, the only human one of which being yourself.

You also have Three Card Poker which is a straight Heads Up Poker match that only involves the initial triple header of cards you receive. Other games include Multi Hand Blackjack and Double Bonus Spin Roulette which doubles up your chance of walking away with some healthy winnings. No matter which page you end up on whilst navigating your way through the site, you will always have the most popular games listed along the right hand side of the page. New games and Jackpot games are also listed and these act as a quick gateway to any options that may catch your eye.


In all there are an impressive 42 different slot games available in the relevant section on the site. These are broken down into four different categories; Casino Slots, Jackpot Slots, Multi Line and Single Lines. The way these work is by staking a certain amount on each spin and then the more lines you bet on, the more likely you are to win some cash. All the different slot games have different themes and the pictures that need to be matched change accordingly. For us gaming geeks out there, one particular highlight is the Street Fighter II themed slot games.

Here you have to stake an amount on each line and then if it lands in sequence, you win an amount that is based upon how much you placed on the line to begin with. Bejewelled is another game featured on this section and the concept is exactly the same only this time it is based on a grid and when three appear together in the same row or column, you win. Other themes include the X Factor reality TV show, Monopoly, Cluedo and an option called Creatures Of Rock which is an interesting play.


G Casino’s Games area is divided into three different areas; TV Shows, Virtual Sports and all games. If you want a full list of options, all games provides it for you. Deal Or No Deal is the stand out television offering and here you you have to buy a numbered box for an amount set by you. The top prize is equal to 10 times the amount that you bought the box for in the first place. You then go through each box, as in the real life show and choose to accept or decline the bankers offer which is based on which boxes you have left.

Top Trumps is another game in which you can gamble. Here you place a stake on a certain attribute that your card holds and then if you beat your opponent, you win depending on whatever the odds were at the time of your bet and the stake you put on it. Monopoly features yet again as does Hole In The Wall. Virtual Sports allows you to bet on the outcomes of virtual horse and greyhound races. This is particularly entertaining as you get to see the entire race play out in front of you.


In terms of Poker, the main area dedicated to the popular card game features the games we have already spoken about in this overview. If you want the main Poker action the following the links displayed on the main pages article will lead you to their sister site, Blue Square Poker which is where all the action is at. G Poker enjoys a reputation for providing a combination of online gaming with the excitement of live poker events – such as the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT), launched in 2007 which is Britain’s biggest poker tour. Through the G loyalty programme, players can build loyalty points and exchange them for entry to live events with the opportunity to earn a sponsorship deal.

Live Casino

Live Casino is the final section on the site and here you get to see all the action unfold in front of you live. All of your casino favourites are included in this format with Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat being present. In all there a six lovely ladies that deal out the cards and spin the wheels giving you an interactive experience that mirrors that or a real casino. You can even have a chat with them while you are playing just to add that personal touch. This is strictly business of course!

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  • Safe: Yes
  • Demos: Yes
  • 24/7 Support: Yes
  • Download Required: No
  • Mobile Gambling: Yes
  • Promotions: Yes
  • Live Betting: N/A