Hot Gems Slot Game

Hot Gems is a new slot game by Playtech that draws inspiration from popular gem-based puzzle games like Bejeweled. Hot Gems has 25 pay lines and five cascading reels. With cascading/collapsing reels, new symbols appear and fall into the spaces vacated by winning combinations. It is a lucrative slot game feature that allows you to win multiple times on one pay line during a single spin. To offset this feature, the machine requires that all bet lines be active each spin, so the minimum bet is 5. For those willing to play for 5 or more per spin, Hot Gems is an exciting, fast-pace game that pays out very well.


• 5 reels
• 25 bet lines
• Min coin: 0.20
• Max coin: 20.00
• Coins per line: 1
• Multiplier
• Wild symbol
• Scatter symbol
• Free spins
• Bonus game
• Gamble feature


Playtech’s Hot Gems is available in a real cash and arcade mode. In arcade mode, bets are made via a pool of funny money. Hot Gems supports bets ranging from 5 to 500 per spin. This not a machine for the timid slots player, but there’s much here for the aggressive one. The collapse feature is particularly lucrative. Each spin has a win pool. When you hit a combo, the win from it goes into the win pool, and then the symbols explode and new symbols cascade in from above. This gives you a chance to win again, and this can continue to happen an unlimited number of times as long as you keep winning.