Major Millions

Major Millions Slot Review

ATTEN…SHUN! If you love big jackpots and officer class online slots, it’s time to polish those boots, stand to attention, and get ready to salute Major Millions.

Now, listen ‘ere you ‘orrible lot. Today, we will be saluting the Major Millions online slot from software developers Microgaming. The game comes in both three and five reel versions and share the same symbols and – most importantly – the same progressive jackpot.

We’re looking at the five reel version. It has the extra value of a scatter game and an additional 12 paylines. Not to mention those two tasty extra reels of possibility.

The game kicks off with a brief animation, featuring military marching music and our hero: the smiling Major Millions in his wonderfully pressed white suit. To be honest, he looks more like a lion tamer and – I think – he is only sporting the military insignia of a colonel.

Major Millions is one of the world’s most popular online slots, and the original three reel game has been around almost as long as online gaming. The game was certainly one of the first online video slots to feature a progressive jackpot and made some of the Internet’s first online casino millionaires.

The progressive jackpot resets at $250,000 and normally hits at around $400,000. I’d take that!

War… What is it Good For?

The game’s theme is ‘all things military’. Symbols include medals, tanks, top secret memos, gold bars, binoculars, warships, airplanes, and the eponymous hero himself: Major Millions. Hit a winning combination of five smiling Majors and you get the games highest regular win: 1000 times your stake.

The Major Millions logo is the game’s wild symbol. It substitutes everything except for scatters and triples your win. Five of these beauties on a payline and you score the game’s top jackpot – except the progressive – of 8,000 times your stake.

So… What about the progressive? OK… To win this bad boy, you need to have the maximum bet in play. This is 0.20 credits times 15 lines – a total of 30. The progressive only pays if you line up five Major Millions logos on payline 15.

Soldiering On

One thing I found quite interesting about this game was the fixed coin size on spins. It is set at 0.20 which will be 20 cents, 20p, or 20 (Euro) cents. You can’t alter this credit amount so you have to add extra lines to improve your chances of winning.

I like this aspect of the game because it stops me accidentally spinning out £30 on one go – which I have mistakenly done in the past when a game has been set to both maximum bet and maximum lines. Major Millions is quite good at helping you manage your bank roll.

The scatter symbol is an ‘explosion’ with the word scatter helpfully added. Get three of these anywhere in show and you’re in the money with three times the amount of credits staked. Get five and your stake is multiplied by 50. It’s also worth pointing out that scatter wins are added to regular winning combination payline wins.

In Conclusion:

With nearly a decade of action under his belt, the Major just keeps soldiering on. You can set the game to autoplay or take control yourself. The low maximum line bet keeps you spinning for longer and the progressive keeps the excitement at DEFCON 1. We recommend a little boot camp with this military mastermind.

Betty Says…

This is one of the first online games I ever played at any online casino. I like the Major in his shiny white suit and I won my first ever three figure jackpot playing this game. I got five planes in a row and turned my 20 cent bet into $120. It could have been the win that’s kept me playing for years! I don’t visit the Major that much these days because modern games have so many more features and bonus rounds and they are more fun to play. But… he’s a classic and well worth taking for a spin.