Ocean Princess Slot Game

Ocean Princess by Playtech is a multi-spin video slot machine has three physical reels and five bet lines. Ocean Princess also has five rows, rather than the usual three or four, and thus the game plays as if it has 15 reels. That may seem confusing in written form, but the layout is quite clear when looking at the machine. Ocean Princess is a one-armed bandit at heart, and Playtech has even seated her in a pub-style box, including coin slots and oversized buttons. The term multi-spin indicates that there are multiple steps per spin, which allows for unique but not necessarily fast play.


• 3 reels
• 5 rows
• 5 bet lines
• Jackpot: 1,000 coins
• Min coin: 0.01
• Max coin: 5.00
• Coins per line: 5
• Wild symbol


Ocean Princess is playable in a standard and arcade mode. Coin sizes range from 0.01 to 5.00. The game requires a coin per row, so the minimum bet is 0.05. The maximum bet is 125. When you’ve achieved the desired stake, click the Spin button to begin. The game will randomly select a symbol on each reel in the first row only. You then have the option of holding zero, one, two or three of those symbols. After making your choices, click Spin again. The game will randomly fill out the rest of the reels and determine whether you’ve won. Like a classic fruit machine, it possible for reels to land so that the symbols are off-center. In this game, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.