Mega Moolah Slot Review

“Mega Moolah is what online progressive slot play is all about. Life changing jackpots and the stuff that multi-million dollar dreams are made of.”

‘Mega’ means big. ‘Moolah’ means money. Find yourself staring at this game’s progressive jackpot wheel and you could be just one lucky spin away from both.

Mega Moolah is a five reel, 25 payline, slot from online gaming developers Microgaming.  Released in November 2006, the slot has an African safari theme. There are lions, giraffes, monkeys, and elephants. In fact, if Disney ever decided to move into online gambling, and make a Lion King themed slot, Mega Moolah is exactly what it would look like. It looks great, it sounds fab, and it’s a fun game to play.

So… Let’s talk about the money.  Let’s talk about Klaus E., from Finland who won $5.5 million in 2008.  We could mention Georgios M. who won a €6.3 million Mega Moolah jackpot in 2009. With Mega Moolah, the million dollar jackpots don’t even make the news. If you want to live the online slots dream, this game could really make it happen.

Progressive Perfection

The secret of Mega Moolah’s enduring success is its mighty progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot is triggered randomly.  A separate screen will suddenly appear featuring a wheel with four segments. Each segment represents a different jackpot level: Mini, Minor, Major, and – you guessed – MEGA!

Hit this page and you are already in the money. Now, it’s simply a question of how deep. All the jackpots reset after they have been hit to their default values. The Mini jackpot starts at a guaranteed $10 (two burgers and fries), the minor starts at $100 (dinner for two!), the Major is a healthy $10,000 (that’s a car or a cruise), and the Mega starts at a cool $1 million (time to tell the boss where to go!)

Jumpin’ Jackpots

Hey… The Mega Moolah progressive jackpot may be the cream on this cash-filled cake but there are other jackpots just waiting to be won. The game’s scatter symbol is the monkey. Hit this little fella three times in one spin and you trigger the free spin feature.

This will give you 15 free spins and all your winnings will be multiplied by three. Hit the magic monkeys again and the free spins just keep on coming. The games top jackpot is a line of five lions. Normally, it is worth 15,000 times your line bet. If you are in free spin mode, it becomes 45,000 times your line bet.

The lion is Mega Moolah’s wild symbol. It completes all non-scatter winning combos and will double the payout of any winning line.

In Conclusion

Someone, somewhere, will win the next Mega Moolah progressive jackpot. The promise of that life-changing win is what makes Moolah magic. The game itself is pretty standard fare but the jackpot is exceptional. It’s what a great progressive slot is all about. It’s mega!

Betty Says…

I agree with Frank on this one. It doesn’t really matter if the game’s features are limited and standard play is average. I love Call of Duty 4 slots because I really enjoy the first person shooter bonus round but I’m never going to win enough money to sack the boss playing that game. The promise of that monster progressive jackpot landing in your lap makes the Mega well worth taking for a spin. Mega Moolah has been a casino favourite for several years and it’s easy to see why. Go on: give it a spin today and – if ya win – can I borrow some cash?

Major Millions Slot Review

ATTEN…SHUN! If you love big jackpots and officer class online slots, it’s time to polish those boots, stand to attention, and get ready to salute Major Millions.

Now, listen ‘ere you ‘orrible lot. Today, we will be saluting the Major Millions online slot from software developers Microgaming. The game comes in both three and five reel versions and share the same symbols and – most importantly – the same progressive jackpot.

We’re looking at the five reel version. It has the extra value of a scatter game and an additional 12 paylines. Not to mention those two tasty extra reels of possibility.

The game kicks off with a brief animation, featuring military marching music and our hero: the smiling Major Millions in his wonderfully pressed white suit. To be honest, he looks more like a lion tamer and – I think – he is only sporting the military insignia of a colonel.

Major Millions is one of the world’s most popular online slots, and the original three reel game has been around almost as long as online gaming. The game was certainly one of the first online video slots to feature a progressive jackpot and made some of the Internet’s first online casino millionaires.

The progressive jackpot resets at $250,000 and normally hits at around $400,000. I’d take that!

War… What is it Good For?

The game’s theme is ‘all things military’. Symbols include medals, tanks, top secret memos, gold bars, binoculars, warships, airplanes, and the eponymous hero himself: Major Millions. Hit a winning combination of five smiling Majors and you get the games highest regular win: 1000 times your stake.

The Major Millions logo is the game’s wild symbol. It substitutes everything except for scatters and triples your win. Five of these beauties on a payline and you score the game’s top jackpot – except the progressive – of 8,000 times your stake.

So… What about the progressive? OK… To win this bad boy, you need to have the maximum bet in play. This is 0.20 credits times 15 lines – a total of 30. The progressive only pays if you line up five Major Millions logos on payline 15.

Soldiering On

One thing I found quite interesting about this game was the fixed coin size on spins. It is set at 0.20 which will be 20 cents, 20p, or 20 (Euro) cents. You can’t alter this credit amount so you have to add extra lines to improve your chances of winning.

I like this aspect of the game because it stops me accidentally spinning out £30 on one go – which I have mistakenly done in the past when a game has been set to both maximum bet and maximum lines. Major Millions is quite good at helping you manage your bank roll.

The scatter symbol is an ‘explosion’ with the word scatter helpfully added. Get three of these anywhere in show and you’re in the money with three times the amount of credits staked. Get five and your stake is multiplied by 50. It’s also worth pointing out that scatter wins are added to regular winning combination payline wins.

In Conclusion:

With nearly a decade of action under his belt, the Major just keeps soldiering on. You can set the game to autoplay or take control yourself. The low maximum line bet keeps you spinning for longer and the progressive keeps the excitement at DEFCON 1. We recommend a little boot camp with this military mastermind.

Betty Says…

This is one of the first online games I ever played at any online casino. I like the Major in his shiny white suit and I won my first ever three figure jackpot playing this game. I got five planes in a row and turned my 20 cent bet into $120. It could have been the win that’s kept me playing for years! I don’t visit the Major that much these days because modern games have so many more features and bonus rounds and they are more fun to play. But… he’s a classic and well worth taking for a spin.

Lord Of The Rings Slot Review

“Is the Lord of the Rings the Lord of the Reels? We think this is one reel to rule them all…”

Let’s be honest: It’s unlikely that the Green Dragon inn, the Prancing Pony, or any other Middle-earth watering hole would have had a slot machine or video game tucked away in the corner of the pub.

However, had a Hobbit ever had a hankering for a little online slots action, there would have been only one choice: The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring online slots. From this point on, known as: the LOTR slots.

The LOTR slots is a five reel, 243 payline slot.  Theming, reel symbols, and the game’s introduction are all lifted directly from the Peter Jackson movie. It’s a great looking game that LOTR lovers are going to traverse Mordor to play.

The background of the game comes to life with cinematic clips lifted directly from the movie. Many of the games symbols are also cuts from the film. It is a fabulous franchise.

That’s a Nasty Hobbit You’ve Got There…

The game uses the 243 payline model which basically means you simply need adjoining identical symbols to start hitting those winning combinations.

And lining up those winning combinations is made a lot easier by the games two wild symbol: the LOTR logo and Sauron’s eye.  The LOTR logo is stacked which means you win multiple combos when you line these up.

The wild Sauron’s eye symbol appears only on the third reel but will sometimes expand across the entire reel, making all lines live, and opening up a wealth of Hobbity treasure hoards.

Predictably, the game’s scatter symbol is the ring. Line up three of these and you launch the free spins feature.  You win 15 free spins and, on each free spin, a random reel is turned wild. This wild reel, combined with the 243 paylines, is where you start to fill your pot.  It’s like a second breakfast jackpot!

Should you line up three more rings, the free spins feature will be re-triggered. Although this games regular jackpot is not an earth shaker, you can win up to 1,900,000 coins during the free spins. This is where the money is.

In Conclusion

I’m a huge fan of everything Lord of the Rings so this game presses all my buttons and is great fun to play.  Many movie or comic book online slot adaptations use the barest elements from the source material and deliver a game that has little to do with the original item.

It’s not the case here.  Microgaming has pulled out all the stops to create an engaging and sticky slot that keeps you coming back for more. The stacked wild feature keeps the cash coming and the bonus round is worth going that extra mile to win.  Just like Gandalf: it’s magic!

Frank Says…

This game is very good for your elf. Fun to play, true to the movie, and packed with action and excitement. It’s also a good payer. It doesn’t have the smorgasbord of features that a game like Thunderstruck enjoys but it is a truly cinematic experience. I will say that the music did start to drive me mad though. Now, if I can just make it to that volcano…

King Cashalot Slot Review

“King Cashalot is in an upper class of its own. Plunder this royal progressive pot and you’ll be able to afford a palace of your own.”

Five reels, nine lines, and – as I write this – a progressive jackpot worth more than $1.2 million. Some jackpots make your day, this one would change your life.  Just line up five kings on payline nine and the money’s yours. Simple, eh?

King Cashalot is set in the Medieval era. There are jesters, armoured knights, busty wenches, dragons and hunks of meat.  It’s all straight from the Monty Python and the Holy Grail playbook and pretty good fun. The imagery is backed with the sounds of a merry dance in the royal court and the occasional splash of gold coins.

The Jester’s Toes

The game has wild, multiplier, and scatter symbols. It also features a Treasure Bonus round. The wild symbol is the eponymous King Cashalot himself. He is also the game’s top jackpot worth a cool 15000 coins. Any win line that includes a wild King doubles. He is also the route to the game’s progressive jackpot but only with Max Bet and only on line nine.

The court jester is the game’s scatter symbol and pays in all directions on all lines.  Get two or more jesters performing on your reels and you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Nicely Filled Chests

Also happy to make your toes curl is the King Cashalot bonus feature which requires the appearance of the King’s ‘pet’ golden dragon. Traditionally, you would have attempted to slay the dragon. In the King Cashalot online slots, however, you make a killing by opening the King’s bulging treasure chests.

Line up three dragons on reels 2,3, and 4 and the supersized serpent will give you three chances to pick a chest.. You can either keep your plunder of pick again. Of course, that second and third dip may not be as profitable as the first. Choose wisely people!

In Kingclusion

King Cashalot’s reign shows no signs of ending soon. The biggest ever jackpot was more than £1.2 million and it resets at £100,000. It’s definitely a progressive pot of regal proportions. The game is seven years old in 2011 and it shows. The game’s bonus round, imagery, animations, and features are all a little dated.

That aside, with one of the biggest progressive jackpots in online gaming, King Cashalot can repel the better looking young pretenders at the castle gates and enjoy ruling the kingdom of the slot machines in his wonderfully generous and benevolent way.  Check out the King Cashalot slots today.

Frank Says…

“Don’t knock the King. Cashalot is one cool cat and he still rocks the reels like the very best. If this game was a song it would be Night Fever by the Bee Gees. It may not be techno but it still gets everyone on the dance floor. I met a girl once and she gave me the jester’s toes. I don’t want to say too much about it but I was scattering all over the place. You get me? Just play King Cashalot people. You might win the big one and then you can have all the fair maidens and damsels (or knights and princes) that you want…”

Hitman Slot Review

“Ready to make a killing? Murder equals money with Microgaming’s edgy online slot – Hitman.”

My mother always warned me about bald men bearing briefcases.  Add a barcode, tattooed on the back of their bonce, and it’s probably best to avoid spilling their pint or unnecessary eye contact.

Online slots come in many shapes and sizes. Hitman – from Microgaming – is shaped like an assassin and killer-sized. Murder is on Agent 47’s mind and  – if he hits the target – you make a killing.

The Hitman franchise started life as a ‘sneak ‘em up’ video game from Eidos, before getting a big screen makeover in 2007. The film kinda sucked but seeing Olga Kurylenko in the nip made it all worthwhile. The online slot version of Agent 47’s adventures references the video game.

Murder Most Fun

Game symbols are mainly the assassin’s tools of the trade: garrottes, poison, a sniper rifle, knives, and guns all feature. The game features several bonus animations and the music is dark and atmospheric. It’s a pretty cool adaptation and definitely one for the boys.

The game’s expanding wild symbol is Agent 47 himself. Line him up on reels 2,3, and 4, and he expands to complete winning combinations across all the lines. I got lucky several times with the Hitman on both lines 2 and 4. This can really rack up the points, as you get several winning combinations.

Bonus Brutality

The Hitman online slot features three bonus rounds. The most common is the Insignia Bonus. Line up three insignia symbols on reels 1,2, and 3 and you are then prompted to pick one of the three insignia symbols and a winning amount will appear. I hit this several times and nearly always managed to pick the top amount.

Next up is the Free Spins Bonus which is triggered by the ‘18’ certificate symbol appearing on reels 3,4, and 5. This sets off 18 free spins which all pay at 2x multiplier. It’s a sweet little pick me up – especially as all bonus features and expanding wilds are in play.

Finally, it’s the Contract Bonus. I had nearly ploughed through all my credit before this one hit. However, when it landed, it was a game changer.  It’s triggered when you line up three laptops on reels 3,4 and 5.

The game then cuts away to a new screen, where five bad ass evil dudes are lined up for potential assassination. You get to enjoy a brief resume of their careers (murderer, chemical killer, deviant, etc.) and then you choose what baddie you want to bag – based on their potential reward value.

Once you’ve selected your target, the ticker starts and you are then told the value of your kill. Next, you choose your weapon of choice: gun, garrotte, knife, poison, etc. The weapon reveals the multiplier. Combine this with your assassination booty and that’s your total pot. I managed to secure about 24,000 coins with my win and increased my initial deposit by nearly 50%. Great result!

In Conclusion

Dark but rather good. Pays well and I walked away a winner. Hitman is well conceived, flawlessly executed (see what I did there) online slot from Microgaming and bags of fun to play. It took a while before I hit the big bonus round (Contract) but the expanding wilds kept me alive. Grab a weapon and enjoy a little quality time with this killer game.

Betty Says…

Well, you might call it a boy’s game but I loved both the Eidos original and the movie. I think Microgaming’s rework hits the target. I agree the big bonus round is hard to win but the other bonuses and the wild reel are constantly in action. Go ahead – make Agent 47’s day and give it a spin.

Break Da Bank Again Slot Review

“Break da Bank Again is the online slot that every repeat offender has been waiting for. (Safe)Crack on!”

So, breaking the bank once was not enough, eh?  You’ve whittled your way through your stolen millions and now it’s time to get a crew together and gear up for round two. Well, rock on: Microgaming is inviting you to Break da Bank Again!

Why they use ‘da’ instead of ‘the’ is a mystery. Maybe the game’s creative team is trying to give the game a strong whiff of organised crime. Perhaps, you are assuming the role of a Mafiosi bank robber when you take-a this-a game-a for a spin-a. Whatever the creative emission that birthed ‘da’, Break Da Bank Again is definitely an offer you can’t refuse.

The game’s imagery features the kind of objects you are likely to find in a bank vault: sapphires, coins, stacks of cash, and bullion. The sound is generic casino floor but works beautifully. Gameplay is smooth and intuitive – exactly as you would expect from online gaming software developers Microgaming.

Tidy Pile Vault

The generic top jackpot is yours if you manage to line up five sapphires. The big money really kicks in when you hit the games wild symbol – the Break Da Bank logo. If you secure a win with this logo substituting, you earn five times the winning combination. It’s a wickedly wild reel.

Get the wild symbol on a win line during the free spin round and you really cash in with a massive twenty five times the win line combination. This is how a relatively modest 1500 coin jackpot can get elevated to big, big money.

OK… Let’s move on to that magical vault and the little man that lurks within (you’ll see what I mean when you play the game). Get three of more bank vault symbols and you trigger the free spins round. You get 15 spins for three bank vaults, 20 spins for four, and twenty-five spins for five.

During the free spins round, all wins are multiplied by five times and every time you rehit the bank vault scatter symbol, you get another free spins.  Basically, if you are lucky enough to line up this game’s scatter symbols, you are in the money.

In Conclusion

Break da Bank Again is a return fixture for one of the most popular online and offline slots of all time. It doesn’t seem to payout that often but – when it does – it is very rewarding. Get the bonus round with the quintuple multiplier and you’ll be sneaking up the road with your bags of cash.

Betty Says…

“It’s not the most exciting game in the world but it’s a good payer and clearly a great many people love it. The original was one of the first online slots and the sequel is following in its footsteps.

It’s all good fun and I ended up quids in after playing it for about 30 minutes. Go grab your oxyacetylene torch and get ready for a bit of daylight robbery!”

Hot Gems Slot Game

Hot Gems is a new slot game by Playtech that draws inspiration from popular gem-based puzzle games like Bejeweled. Hot Gems has 25 pay lines and five cascading reels. With cascading/collapsing reels, new symbols appear and fall into the spaces vacated by winning combinations. It is a lucrative slot game feature that allows you to win multiple times on one pay line during a single spin. To offset this feature, the machine requires that all bet lines be active each spin, so the minimum bet is 5. For those willing to play for 5 or more per spin, Hot Gems is an exciting, fast-pace game that pays out very well.


• 5 reels
• 25 bet lines
• Min coin: 0.20
• Max coin: 20.00
• Coins per line: 1
• Multiplier
• Wild symbol
• Scatter symbol
• Free spins
• Bonus game
• Gamble feature


Playtech’s Hot Gems is available in a real cash and arcade mode. In arcade mode, bets are made via a pool of funny money. Hot Gems supports bets ranging from 5 to 500 per spin. This not a machine for the timid slots player, but there’s much here for the aggressive one. The collapse feature is particularly lucrative. Each spin has a win pool. When you hit a combo, the win from it goes into the win pool, and then the symbols explode and new symbols cascade in from above. This gives you a chance to win again, and this can continue to happen an unlimited number of times as long as you keep winning.

Ocean Princess Slot Game

Ocean Princess by Playtech is a multi-spin video slot machine has three physical reels and five bet lines. Ocean Princess also has five rows, rather than the usual three or four, and thus the game plays as if it has 15 reels. That may seem confusing in written form, but the layout is quite clear when looking at the machine. Ocean Princess is a one-armed bandit at heart, and Playtech has even seated her in a pub-style box, including coin slots and oversized buttons. The term multi-spin indicates that there are multiple steps per spin, which allows for unique but not necessarily fast play.


• 3 reels
• 5 rows
• 5 bet lines
• Jackpot: 1,000 coins
• Min coin: 0.01
• Max coin: 5.00
• Coins per line: 5
• Wild symbol


Ocean Princess is playable in a standard and arcade mode. Coin sizes range from 0.01 to 5.00. The game requires a coin per row, so the minimum bet is 0.05. The maximum bet is 125. When you’ve achieved the desired stake, click the Spin button to begin. The game will randomly select a symbol on each reel in the first row only. You then have the option of holding zero, one, two or three of those symbols. After making your choices, click Spin again. The game will randomly fill out the rest of the reels and determine whether you’ve won. Like a classic fruit machine, it possible for reels to land so that the symbols are off-center. In this game, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Vikingmania Slot Game

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Vikingmania is a new 2D video slot machine by Playtech. The game launches with a fantastic 3D video that introduces you to all of the major characters. Once in the game, Vikingmania does an excellent job of continuing that story with a unique cartoon style and a fantastic soundtrack. Vikingmania is very good at creating atmosphere, and it doesn’t take the player long to pick up on the intense competition between the red-haired and blonde-haired Viking. Pick a side and hope for the best. Vikingmania is not always a fast-paced slot game, but it is lucrative and always a great deal of fun to play.


• 5 reels
• 20 bet lines
• Jackpot: 10,000 coins
• Min coin: 0.20
• Max coin: 100.00
• Coins per line: 1
• Wild symbol
• Scatter symbol
• Free spins
• Bonus game
• Gamble feature


Vikingmania by Playtech has bets ranging from 0.20 to 2,000. Optimally, you want all 20 lines active, so you should only play Vikingmania if you’re willing to bet 4 per spin. If you’re unsure, Playtech also offers the game in an arcade mode, which you can play free for as long as you like. The game’s most prevalent feature is the wild symbol, represented by the blonde Viking. It appears on the three inner reels. During free spins, the wild expands to cover the entire reel. The map is the scatter symbol. It can pay out up to 100 times the line stake and up to 10 free spins. Free games have a 3x multiplier. The Viking Playtime bonus is a quick twitch game, but it’s lucrative and appears frequently enough.

Dolphin Cash Slot Game

Xtra Win is a slot machine series by Playtech that allows the player to place side bets in addition to the standard spin bet. Dolphin Cash is the newest entry into this very fun and popular fruit machine series. It has five spinning reels, 30 pay lines and a wide range of special features. As the name of the game suggests, the theme of this slot machine is an underwater adventure. In addition to the standard poker icons, the symbol set includes corals, shells, pelicans, coins from lost treasure, the moon and, of course, dolphins. Dolphin Cash is a fun, fast game with a great deal of gameplay diversity.

lace side bets in addition to the standard spin bet. Dolphin Cash is the newest entry into this very fun and popular fruit machine series. It has five spinning reels, 30 pay lines and a wide range of special features. As the name of the game suggests, the theme of this slot machine is an underwater adventure. In addition to the standard poker icons, the symbol set includes corals, shells, pelicans, coins from lost treasure, the moon and, of course, dolphins. Dolphin Cash is a fun, fast game with a great deal of gameplay diversity.


• 5 reels
• 30 bet lines
• Jackpot: 4,000 coins
• Min coin: 0.01
• Max coin: 100.00
• Coins per line: 1 + side bet
• Multiplier
• Wild symbol
• Scatter symbol
• Free spins
• Bonus game


Playtech’s Dolphin Cash is an exciting new Xtra Win slot game, and it is available in an arcade mode that you can play free without obligation. The game supports coins sizes ranging from 0.01 to 100. You can only bet one coin per line, for a total of 30, but you can also bet up to 15 coins on the side bet, for a grand total of 45. In other words, possible bets range from 0.01 to an incredible 4,500. The dolphin symbol pays out 4,000 coins at five across, which can be worth as much as 400,000. The dolphin symbol is also wild. Other special features include two bonus games and a scatter feature that awards 12 free spins with a x3 multiplier.