Thunderstruck Slot Review

“By Odin’s beard! Get ready to rumble. Thunderstruck II is in town and that means it’s hammer time.”

A Norse, a Norse, my kingdom for a Norse.  If you like your gods vengeful, angry, mischievous, and armed with hammers, Thunderstruck II could be the game for you.  Set in the realm of Asgard, this feature rich online slot sets an exciting new benchmark in online gaming.

Thunderstruck II takes video gaming to the next level. It is a god amongst online slots. There is a variety of bonuses to play for, there are 243 ways to win with every spin, and – perhaps most interestingly – there is a player achievement feature which will keep you returning time and time again.

The Bling Cycle

OK, let’s set the scene.  It’s like a Wagnerian opera. The cast comprises: Valkyrie, Loki, Odin, and Thor. These characters all trigger their own individual bonus features but you have to earn the right to see them.

Valkyrie is the default bonus. Hit three hammers and she starts the bonus ball rolling with ten free spins and a 5x multiplier. You can – of course – retrigger the bonus during your freeplays. After you have hit the Valkyrie bonus five times, you then step up to the Loki bonus. The Loki bonus is 15 free spins with an embedded Wild Magic symbol feature which transforms symbols into winners.

The point is: you work your way towards the best bonus package by playing Thunderstruck II slots. The game logs your bonus wins in ‘The Great Hall of Spins’ and remembers your rank. Clever stuff, eh?

So… just for the record. After you’ve had Loki ten times, comes Odin with 20 free spins and a Wild Raven feature which substitutes raven symbols for multipliers.  Finally, make it to 15 bonuses and you get the top man himself: Thor.  He’ll give you 25 spins and rolling reels which award multiple consecutive wins. It goes without saying that you want to be at the Thor point (meh!).

Wildstorm WTF?

Like a stalker appearing suddenly at the living room window, the Wildstorm character randomly jumps onto your game screen to trigger his feature.  As rude and sudden as the interruption may be – it is very welcome.

Basically, he turns up to five reels wild. This can bring a lot cash crashing down. It’s all good in the Nordic hood.

The Thunderstruck II logo symbol is also wild and substitutes for all symbols except the bonus hammer. It gets better: complete a winning line with this logo and you get double the payout.

The game has no paylines. The winning symbols simply have to be aligned from left to right anywhere on the reels. It takes a little getting used to but it really opens the field up for online slots lovers everywhere.

In Conclusion:

The theme may be as corny as Thor’s big toe but Microgaming are offering everyone a glimpse into gaming’s future. The graphics, sounds, and atmosphere are second to none, and the games built-in loyalty bonus system is a very seductive tool.

It’s a lot of fun to play and a truly entertaining online experience.  There is  – at this time – no progressive jackpot to play for but it’s a unique and groundbreaking game. Give it a go!

Betty Says…

Good Gods! A man with a big hammer normally has big nail. This game is deeply satisfying on a whole range of different levels. You keep coming back because you want to see the next bonus level and the journey there is feature-rich, camp as a row of tents, and thoroughly entertaining. I’m playing this game a lot at the moment and am definitely going for that all out leather look and Thor’s bonus!! A fantastic slot that’s got the lot.