Tomb Raider – Secret of The Sword Slot Review

“With a massive treasure chest and a whole lot of booty, the sexiest lady of online slots is back. Ready for a little Lara lovin’?”

Lara Croft: she’s acrobatic, pneumatically challenged, and has been the fuel for many a sweaty teenage fantasy.  The upper class adventuress first appeared in Tomb Raider, on the Playstation, in 1996. Since then, the franchise has spawned dozens of multi-platform games, featured in comics and graphic novels, and – of course – given Angelina Jolie the chance to wear skin tight PVC in the movie versions.

Microgaming created its first Tomb Raider slots in 2004. It proved to be very popular and now the online slots software developer has rolled out another mission for the tomb raiding temptress: Tomb Raider – Secret of the Sword.

The game is a five reel, 30 payline slot with some pretty spectacular bonus games and hidden features. The ambience is on the money with a soundtrack that sits somewhere between the movie and the video game.  There is the occasional burst of excited dialogue to keep the excitement level high: ‘I think I’ve found the bonus, Lara.’ Etc.

As you would expect, the game’s symbols consist of various images of the lovely Lara – on a motorbike, guns ablaze, smouldering, as well as pieces of lost treasure and brief animations.

Upper Class

Just like Lara, this game is superior to the competition. There are several bonus features in play. I got most of them when I was testing the game.

First up – and easiest to win – is the free spins feature. Line up 3, 4, or 5 pieces of a hidden jewel and you get free spins with ‘rolling reels’. The rolling reels feature simple means that: when you get a winning combination, the reels dissolve and are replaced by more symbols. You can keep winning again and again. It gets better: every time the rolling reels feature wins, you get a multiplier on the final pot.

Supermode. Get lucky and Lara will show you a little Supermode action. Basically, this randomly triggered award gives you five free spins but adds a multiple wild feature. Wild reels are triggered by Lara and stay for the duration of the Supermode play. This can result in some epic wins.

She’s Got Her Knockers

I do have one criticism of this game: it is very hard to win the Global Adventure Bonus.  I managed to trigger the bonus three times. To do this, you have to get the passport symbol on each of the middle reels during your online gaming session. A mini game is then triggered.

Your first role is to choose a destination: Ghana, London, and Nepal are just a few of the hot spots on offer. Next, you must pick urns/tombs/icons. Under the items are bonuses pieces of a sword (the ‘secret sword’!!), and traps. To win big money, you need to complete the sword and rack up the multipliers. There is also a shooting element to the game but – I must confess – I never managed to win it!

In Conclusion

Although, I never got to have a gun action with Lara, Tomb Raider – Secret of the Sword is a top class game and great fun to play. It’s also a pretty good payer. I want to imagine a world where Lara Croft is standing in the corner of the pub, her pint balanced on the fruit machine, gambling away her week’s wages. In the meantime, this game is a cracker.

Betty Says…

“Top video game – top slot. Not as good as Thunderstruck 2 but definitely a contender. The atmosphere is great but I agree that the bonus is very hard to beat and it can take a long time before that passport icon lands on every reel.

All said: I’d love to go scraping about in the dirt with Lara. She’s top slotty totty!!”